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11 months ago
Say Hello to the Perky Booty You're About to Have, Thanks to This Easy StairMaster Workout

Let's start with a confession. I haven't been on a StairMaster in probably two decades. True story. But I used to crush it in college. Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and no one had heard of wheat grass shots or keto diets. I graduated, time passed, and my workouts changed, as did the available equipment (and fitness trends). And I left the StairMaster back with my Spice Girls and No Doubt CDs. That is until this week, when I hopped back on and tried to find my climbing legs again. I didn't have to fight for a machine - especially compared with all the fancy, state-of-the-art machines in the gym that seem less, shall we say, old fashioned? I know that the StairMaster may not be your first pick in your shiny fancy gym routine. But here's why both of us have been missing out.

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