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Review: 'Lost and Found' by Danielle Steel

International bestselling author Danielle Steel's new novel Lost and Found is a story of one woman's reflections on her life and the choices she made. The book released in June 2019.

Lost and Found follows the life of Madison Allen, a renowned photographer who is a single mother to three adult kids. She lives alone in a firehouse- turned- home and studio in Manhattan. One day while browsing through old personal photos and letters she falls from a ladder and breaks her ankle. Following the minor accident, she is forced to take a break from her busy schedule and that's when she starts questioning and reflecting upon the choices she made in life. After divorcing her husband, she had three men in her life at different phases but it was always her fourth love-- her career-- which she chose. Recalling her past, she wonders if the decisions she took then were the right ones. And so she embarks on a journey across the country to meet the three men and reconnect with them in Boston, Chicago and Wyoming all the while hoping that her choices were right. It is during this life-changing trip that she discovers herself.

Narrated in Steel's remarkable storytelling style, Lost and Found is a heart-warming tale of love, family, fate and our choices in life.

How critics view the book:

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