Research: Sexual Frustration Could Actually Shorten Your Life

Are men’s complaints of blue balls actually warranted? Not exactly, but there is new related research: Sexual frustration can lead to physiological changes and a shorter life span—at least, for fruit flies, according to a new study published in the journal Science

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We know this sounds like some line you’d be told on a bad date, but stay with us. Researchers at the University of Michigan exposed male fruit flies to the sexual pheromones of their female counterparts but didn’t give them the opportunity to mate. So basically, they were revved up and ready to go—but weren’t actually given the chance to get off. The deprived flies experienced a loss in fat stores, more stress, and ultimately shorter lives than other flies. And miraculously, getting it on partially reversed these negative effects.

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It seems like expecting sex without the reward led to changes in the aging process, suggest the study authors. But while the research is definitely thought provoking, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re cutting your life short if you’re going through a dry spell. Because, well, they’re fruit flies. So definitely don’t let this make you feel pressured to do anything you’re not feeling.

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