Research: Men CAN Make Their Penises Longer

For the 30 percent of men who aren’t satisfied with their penis size, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that, after reviewing the existing literature on non-surgical “male enhancement” options, researchers in Italy have concluded that men can, in fact, increase their penis size without going under the knife. The bad news? The only method that works might not be realistic for most guys.

Two urological researchers from the University of Turin in Italy set out to review the existing literature on low-risk penis-enhancement procedures and found that a method called “traction,” in which men wear a penile extender to stretch their manhood, produced an average growth of 1.5 to 2.5 centimeters (.59 to .98 inches). The caveat? That was only after they were used for several hours a day for a period of four months. Obviously, that’s not going to be do-able for most men.

What’s more, researchers don’t even recommend traction for most guys—mainly since a lot of men feel insecure about their penis size because they’re overestimating how big the average guy’s junk is (and not because they actually have a particularly small penis). 

Still, that doesn’t mean you just have to grin and bear it if you wish your guy were just a little more well endowed. Use these expert-recommended tips to make your man feel bigger

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