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7 months ago
Relish a veg Parsi breakfast pop-up | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis

The Parsi way is to take the best the world has to offer and add their spin to it to make it their own. That’s exactly what Bawi Bride Perzen Patel has set out to do with her breakfast pop-up in association with SodaBottleOpenerWala. We caught up with Perzen to find out about her veg Parsi breakfast menu, the challenges she faced while putting it together and also got to know what’s on offer.

The Parsi-veg disconnect...

Perzen informs us that traditionally in Parsi cuisine there are hardly any savoury breakfast options, even the Masoor Toasties, which is part of this special breakfast menu is actually a take on the dish that is generally had on a brun pav with egg on top. 

On the other hand, they do have sweet breakfast options like the Parsi sev,  which is traditionally served with a sweet curd, and especially prepared for occasions or the Darni Pori Puff that’s a puff pastry stuffed with lentil and nuts that is had for breakfast or tea. Perzen adds, “When people think about Parsi food, they only associate it with eggs, meat, basically non-vegetarian food, especially when it comes to breakfast. Traditionally, Parsis have taken food that does not really belong to them and made it their own by adding meat or eggs. So, this was a reverse of that thought. Could we take something and make it our own without adding meat or eggs, etc? The idea was to work on creating something unique, drawing inspiration from local fare yet drawing its roots in Parsi cuisine.” 

If you are wondering whether this experiment can or will work, we recommend, letting your tastebuds decide. After all the proof is in the tasting, and hence we dropped by for a quick bite. Here are our picks from the menu.

Parsi Sev with Hung Curd (Rs 165)

Unlike most others, Parsis don’t add milk to cook vermicelli. It’s prepared in a sweet sugar syrup made with water and served with homemade sweet yoghurt. It’s prepared for birthdays and special occasions. Here to balance the sweetness, it’s served with hung curd.

Lagan no Paratha (Rs 175)

While we are used to parathas stuffed with veggies — potato, raddish, cabbage, etc, here you can enjoy parathas stuffed with potatoes and lagan nu achaar (a traditional Parsi pickle), served with Lagan nu Istoo (a dry mixed vegetable stew). It’s an ideal brunch option.

Parsi Misal (Rs 175)

A Parsi take on the classic misal pav made with khari biscuits, sariya, mushrooms and mixed sprouts. This is definitely a must-try! We guarantee you will love it.

Darni Pori Puff (Rs 120)

Puff pastry stuffed with sweetened lentil and nuts, this is a classic Parsi dish had at breakfast or tea.

Masoor Toasties (Rs 145)

Traditionally, masoor is served on a brun pav, topped with a sunny side up egg. Here you can choose to have it with or without the egg. A protein packed option, served with a crusty bread topped with masoor and grilled with cheese.  

WHERE: SodaBottleOpenerWala, F&B 4 , second floor, North Skyzone, High Street Phoenix , Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower ParelWHEN: 8.30 am to 12 noon

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