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10 months ago
Real brides share the one workout they swore by pre-wedding to look their best

If you just got engaged, you need to amp your fitness routine before your big day not just to look good but also feel good. And with so many options out there it can feel like finding a perfect workout can be harder than finding a perfect partner. To clear your confusion, we got some real brides to share the one workout that got their endorphins pumping months before the wedding.

‘My abs had always been the trouble area for me and I knew just cardio would not help me achieve my goals. So I moved to HIIT workout where it took me around 15 minutes to complete each workout. I loved the workout so much that I would do it twice daily, days before my wedding’, says Ankita.

‘I decided to make Zumba my pre-wedding workout. Zumba felt amazing and was really high energy. They always switched up the music and the moves and I never got bored. Each day after the class, I only felt more energetic and enthusiastic, waiting eagerly for my D-day’, says Tania. Here are 6 tips to make your wedding day stress-free. 

‘Between working full-time and planning the wedding, I wanted a workout that would make me look toned and fit. I started going for a Pilates class that included so many exercises that I never got bored. I couldn’t have been happier with the results that I am still continuing with my Pilates classes six months after my wedding’, says Nikita.

‘I went for hatha yoga classes. After every session, I felt a sense of exhilaration, cleanliness and power, plus once you start seeing that definition in your arms and abs you do not stop’, says Jyoti. These 7 foods will make any bride-to-be healthy and radiant before their wedding day. 

‘I started running before my wedding. I am competitive even against myself so I knew tracking my progress and having to beat my best score would be extremely motivating. The everyday runs boosted my energy and stamina both on my wedding day and in my everyday life’, says Meryl.

Whether you choose to do what these brides did or pick another routine, the important thing is you need to start an exercise routine that you can stick to every day. If you can do something during the one of the most hectic periods of your life, then you can continue it as long as you enjoy it.

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