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10 months ago
Propose Day 2018: 5 Heartwarming ways to propose to your loved one this day of the Valentine's Week! | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis

It's day two of the Valentine's Week of 2018 leading up to the Valentine's Day on February 14. The day is known as Propose Day and it gives the perfect opportunity to those in love, or who have a crush on someone, to pop the question to their love interest. 

When you're in love, every moment with your special someone is memorable but when it comes to the proposal, your beloved would want it to be extra special. And if you manage to say the three golden words or pop the question in an completely out of the box manner, then nothing else can be better than that. 

Here are 5 ways in which you can propose to your loved ones and make it extra special for them:

1) Surprise her by choosing a place she/he would never expect you to propose. For example, you can pop the question by writing it on the mirror of her/his bathroom, using a lipstick. If both of you live-in together or visit each other's place frequently, using the fridge magnets creatively to your purpose can also be a great way to propose. You can also use glow-in-the-dark stickers on the ceiling to express your feelings.

2) Take them on a movie date and pop the question during the interval, on the big screen. This one will surely need some planning in advance but it's totally doable. During the interval, tell them that you're going to get pop corns and give a signal to your confidante (who would help you to execute the plan at a movie theatre). As soon as the big question pops up on the theatre screen, go down on your knees with a ring, in case you want to seal the deal. 

3) Incase your significant other is the adventurous type, take them on a fun adventure activity like river-rafting, river-crossing, paragliding, mountain-climbing or kayaking, depending upon what interests your beloved. Pop the question when they would least expect it in the middle of your adventure activity. 

4) Another adorable way to propose to your special someone it to create a gift trail. The gifts need not be huge or expensive. They should be things with which you both relate to as a couple. The gifts.gestures should evoke nostalgia for the fun times you've had together in the past and bring back memories of the same. Plant those small gifts for your beloved at regular intervals throughout the day and give them clues leading on to the next gift in each of them. The last one should ideally lead to you at a special place, in a special setting and that's when you should pop the question. 

5) Bring back the good old days when we used to go on picnics to spend some quality time with our near and dear ones. Plan a special picnic date for them. If possible, cook their favourite snack and pack it nicely after concealing your proposal in the food box. 

P.S: Going on a romantic 'Candlelight Dinner' is always an option in case nothing works out (*wink*). 

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