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9 months ago
Product review: Miss Claire Pearl Liquid Eye Liner (Black Blue and Glitter Gold)

I am very fond of using makeup and am always on a lookout for makeup products that look outlandish on your face and is also affordable. However, sometimes you really want to use a lot of colours on your face and give natural makeup a break. It is only on these times that your makeup skills are put to test. I was, from a very long time hunting for a good coloured as well as glitter eyeliner in liquid. While there were a lot of pencil eyeliners present, good liquid eyeliners in a variety of colours and glitters plus in affordable prices was a rare sight. I stumbled upon the Miss Claire’s range of coloured and glitter liners at a shop and wanted to really try it and got home the Miss Claire Pearl Liquid Eye Liner in Blue and Glitter Gold. Here’s what I feel about these products.

Product name: Miss Claire Pearl Liquid Eye Liner (Black Blue) and Miss Claire Pearl Liquid Eye Liner (Glitter Gold)

Price: 399

Packaging: Comes in transparent little plastic bottles so that you can check out the colour well. The caps are black in colour and long enough for good grip. The brush applicator attached to the eyeliners are flexible and in a proper shape to make eyeliner application, a piece of cake.

My review
I like the fact that colours don’t change and come out exactly as they look in the bottle, that being said the consistency, however, is quite thin which is good because then you can get a variation of blues in that one blue. For example: With a single coat, you’ll get a lighter version of blue and probably with 3 coats you’ll get a bright blue. I love the way the brush glides smoothly on your eyelids and the colours- both the glitter gold and blue lasts for almost 12 hours and even after that, it won’t look disappointing. The only that could be a turnoff for a few people that a single coat of the blue eyeliner was too light which means and for a better outcome you must apply at least thrice, which can be a little time-consuming.

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