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6 months ago
Pregnancy tip #41 — Invest in adult diapers

You might despise this idea, but come to think of it controlling pee during pregnancy isn’t a good idea because you will have no control over it. If you have just found out that you are pregnant then probably you are going to thrash this information. But know when you reach the end of your second trimester or are in your third trimester you might thank us for this piece of advice. Adult diapers are a pregnancy necessity, period. Here are few essential things that you should pick up while going for maternity shopping.

As your baby grows inside the belly the uterus also grows in size. This makes the internal organs shift while making space for the baby and the growing womb. As your stomach stretches out the organs in the abdomen cavity are shifted towards the diaphragm. The growing uterus also puts a pressure on the bladder and strains the muscles of the pelvic floor. Here are few ways in which pregnant women are body shamed in India.

Now the reason that you don’t pee in public or suffer from any embarrassment when you have an urgent urge is because the pelvic floor muscles exercise control over the bladder, uterus and other parts of the urinary structures that help to hold on the urine for some time till you locate a restroom. The pelvic floor muscles also keep the urethra closed so that your urine doesn’t leak out.

But during pregnancy when these muscles are strained due to the pressure put on them by the growing belly, they lose control and this leads to some kind of incontinence during pregnancy. Some women leak and some soak their undergarments. The intensity might differ but pregnancy-induced incontinence is something one can’t escape.

The secretion of hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin during pregnancy increases the blood flow in the body, which means the kidneys receive more blood for purification, more toxins are removed from the blood and hence pregnant woman has this urge of frequent urination. But with weak pelvic floor muscles controlling the bladder get difficult so one needs to be prepared for the consequences. One way to deal with this incontinence is to wear adult diapers. Here is one unique way to deal with frequent urination during pregnancy.

Not everyone might be comfortable with the idea of wearing a diaper and peeing in it. For us adults, peeing in a diaper consciously don’t happen easily, unless your pelvic muscles are weak enough that they can’t resist the pressure. There is a reluctance that we all face. But then adult diapers during pregnancy could be life-saving, especially when you are travelling. At least, they can stop you from soaking your bottoms in the midst of your commute or a theatre till you locate a restroom to relieve yourself.

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