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9 months ago
Postpartum relief – Try this oil massage after delivery to relax and rejuvenate your senses

Postpartum care is crucial to help a new mother deal with post-birth stress. The right kind of postpartum care can help a mother in many ways – beat the baby blues, help to wade off postpartum depression, gain strength and vigour to carry on with the usual challenges and much more. One way to help a mother during the postpartum phase is to give her enough rest. However, with a newborn to take care, rest and sleep is a farfetched dream. But there are other ways in which one can still overcome the blues during the this phase – eating the right kinds of foods, keeping oneself hydrated, avoiding stimulants, going for walks and indulging in a relaxing massage. These little things help a mother to rejuvenate and get into a better mental state to take things in her stride. Here are few beverages that every mother should have postpartum to gain some strength.

Now, we are aware that going for a massage sounds a bit demanding and a luxurious idea, but you don’t have to spend long hours at a spa or salon to indulge in a post-pregnancy massage, leaving your baby behind. In fact, you can give yourself a massage at home while taking care of your newborn or when your baby takes a nap. It is also necessary that when you get a massage after delivery get it done by an expert or do it all by yourself. Here are few ways to deal with postpartum sleeplessness.

Remember if you are engaging a bai or maid to do the massage, first do a background check if she is a professional in giving postpartum massages. As if done the wrong way the implications could be scary, especially, if one had to undergo a c-section. Women who undergo c-section are advised not to go for massages until the incision heals completely or wait for a minimum of two to three months before going for a massage.

However, even if you have undergone a c-section you can still indulge in an aromatherapy massage session all by your own. Here is what you need for the massage:

  • Sesame oil – 50 ml
  • Wheat germ oil – 10 ml
  • Rosewood oil – 20 drops
  • Orange oil – 5 drops
  • Geranium oil – 5 drops

Mix these oils well and give yourself a whole body massage but avoid vigorous massage over the abdomen, no matter if it is a c-section or a vaginal delivery. Be gentle while massaging and try to follow it up with a lukewarm bath for better results.

(Inputs from the book Garbhasanskar written by Dr Vikram Shah and Dr Geetanjali Shah)

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