Popular beauty slangs you must know

Here are some beauty slangs that you must know:

The language of beauty is influenced by all sorts of crazy places.If you are aware of the term “On-fleek” and “beat down”  then you must be following a number of bloggers on Instagram. But for others who have recently started following the makeup videos and tutorials ,here are the need-to-know words and phrases.


  • Dupe — Dupe is used for products that are duplicates and are less expensive.

Use: I want a dupe for that lip color.

  • Beat face– It is a term used to describe thoroughly applied makeup from every angle of the face. It recently became popular in the beauty world.

Use:  I will give you a beat face now.

  • On-fleek — This is a term which describes a beauty look that is absolutely perfect. It is also used in reference to fashion

Use: Every look of hers is on-fleek.

  • Baking — No, it is not the type of baking involved in cooking. It means heavily dusting on loose powder and allowing it to soak the facial oil for a matte finish.

Use: Baking my face every day makes it look oil-free.

  • HG- It is the abbreviation for Holy Grail. This is used for makeup products that are essential for your skin.

Use: It is my HG concealer that hides my dark circles.

  • Hitting the pan –This term is used for the action of pressing a product like a shadow or foundation so much that you use it until you reach the end of its container.

Use: I love this shade so much, that I’ve hit the pan with it

  • Slaying- Slaying is doing something well.

Use: A beginner’s guide to slaying your makeup

  • Cut crease 

A supersharp line of shadow drawn across the eye crease to define and accentuate it.

Use:  Natural cut crease makeup look with cat eyeliner



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