Oct 30, The best treatment for major depression and why it doesn't include medication

15 reasons to avoid taking prescribed medication as a major depression treatment

Prescribed antidepressant medications:

  1. can increase the feeling of being out of control;
  2. may increase your dependence on outside sources of help;
  3. don’t deal with the real problem;
  4. don’t help you to meet your emotional needs (see further down);
  5. may make it more likely that you’ll relapse in the future;
  6. are only 3% more effective than a placebo (even that is questionable, as most people in studies know that they’re taking the antidepressant and not the placebo - on account of the side effects);
  7. can cause sleep problems - either frequent awakenings during the night, or sleepiness during the day (no surprise if both co-exist of course);
  8. may reduce important dream sleep (your body/mind's natural way to cope with excessive focusing on your troubles and challenges when you’re awake);
  9. can cause or increase restlessness;
  10. can cause sexual problems such as decreased libido. (This was the bane of my life as a couple counsellor. Why put someone with relationship problems on antidepressants when they cause difficulties reaching an orgasm, a lack of desire and erectile problems? It makes repairing the relationship - the primary cause of the trouble in this case - even more difficult.);
  11. might cause unpleasant withdrawal effects, from mild to very severe, depending on how long you've been taking them (anti-anxiety drugs will have you hooked in just 6 weeks!)*
  12. can cause permanent damage in your brain, including movement disorders (Google it - you'll want to know about it!);
  13. may cause rapid weight gain (forget about finding an antidepressant that causes weight loss!), constipation or diarrhoea (your gut is sometimes called your second brain);
  14. can lead to suicidal and homicidal behaviour (yes, really! Don't believe your doctor if he or she tells you otherwise) - the best evidence that antidepressant medication is not a suitable treatment for severe depression;
  15. may increase your risk of chronic depression significantly.
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