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11 months ago
Now, a Khichdi-themed restaurant is on its way

When we are in no mood for cooking food, the one thing that comes to the mind is our very favourite- Khichdi. One more thing that reminds us of Khichdi is the cult TV show, Khichdi. 

Based on the theme of the popular show, producer JD Majethia and writer-director Aatish Kapadia, the makers of ‘Khichdi’, are planning to open a restaurant. In the restaurant, people will get to savour different types of khichdi, and simultaneously watch some live comedy gigs. 

Talking of the restaurant, JD said, “Eating out is not just about food, it’s about having fun and entertainment. Khichdi is considered a simple dish, but we will provide a vast variety in it. We want people to eat and enjoy, so as you are eating you will also laugh your guts out.” 

Aatish, whose love for cooking made JD think of starting a restaurant says, Khichdi will, of course, be the mainstay of the restaurant, but we want people to enjoy all kinds of food. I also want to bring to the forefront cuisines of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. 

There’s also one thing that might excite the visitors is that the dishes here are named after the characters of the show. There will be a Hansa-Praful combo, Jayashree-Babuji dish, and so on. 

Khichdi", a cult comedy show during the early 2000s, is set to make a comeback with the original cast; Supriya Pathak, Vandana Pathak, Anang Desai and Rajeev Mehta.

It will soon premiere on Star Plus.


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