Nov 28, The best professional, and personal, relationship advice

10 Things to look for in the person you turn to for relationship advice

In general, the kind of person - professional or lay - who's likely to be most helpful to you...

  1. has great listening skills (see link further down for more information) and pays attention to you without allowing themselves to be distracted
  2. is non-judgmental
  3. won't 'preach' (unless of course you're seeking religious advice)
  4. won't be directive (i.e. telling you what you should or shouldn't do)
  5. will absolutely keep your conversation confidential, unless you're likely to harm yourself or someone else
  6. will ideally have plenty of life and/or professional experience
  7. will offer advice or a personal opinion only if asked (professionals are unlikely to offer an opinion, though)
  8. can offer wise counsel and information without any expectation of what you do with their advice
  9. won't think any less of you if you decide to act against their advice
  10. won't take over and act on your behalf without you asking them to do so (professional counsellors won't act on your behalf)
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