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9 months ago
No Wonder Spider-Man Is Invincible - Hottie Tom Holland Does the Most Intense Workouts

There have been quite a few Spider-Mans on the big screen recently, but we're not scared to admit it - Tom Holland is our absolute favorite. We first saw Tom flex his acting muscles (and real muscles, come to think of it) in Captain America: Civil War in 2016. A year after that, we saw him star in Spider-Man: Homecoming alongside Robert Downey, Jr. and Zendaya. Since then, we've fallen head over heels for his boyish charm - and his biceps.

Tom has a strong background in fitness. He did ballet for years - yes, ballet! - and he also has a lot of experience with gymnastics. To prepare for all of his Spider-Man roles, he had to keep up a rigorous workout schedule. He did it all, from weightlifting to boxing to parkour.

If you've never seen Tom work out before, you can thank your lucky stars you've arrived here. Because he and his chiseled body deserve to be celebrated every moment of the day. You can catch Tom at the 2018 Academy Awards on March 4, where he'll be presenting an award. We'll be zooming in closely to see his muscles bulging through his suit.

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