Neat Freaks, Rejoice: Dudes Can Have 'Dry Orgasms'

As anyone who has ever been near a naked man can attest, penises are kinda funny. They grow on command, shoot out stuff, and shrink when it’s cold.

And, just like vaginas, they can encounter...issues. One such issue, which could actually strike some people as more of a blessing: the “dry orgasm.”

In layman’s terms, a dry orgasm “is when men shoot blanks,” says urologist David Kaufman, M.D., of New York City’s Central Park Urology. In the medical community, it’s called “retrograde ejaculation.” Basically, men who have a dry orgasm experience an O that feels totally normal but semen doesn’t come out of their penis.

So What Happens to the Splooge?
Instead of shooting out, the semen travels into their bladder, where it’s eventually peed out.

“What normally happens during an orgasm is that the bladder muscles close so that the only outlet is the opening of the penis,” explains Kaufman.

When something interferes with those muscles’ ability to close, a dry orgasm happens. In that situation, “the path of least resistance is for the semen to go into the bladder,” says Kaufman.

Why Does This Even Happen?
Dry orgasms can happen after a man has prostate surgery, says Kevin Campbell, M.D., a urologist with The Urology Group in Ohio. They’re also more likely in men who have Type 1 diabetes and those who are taking certain medications, including ones for hair loss, says Kaufman.

Does It Hurt?
While it sounds bizarre, experts say it doesn’t hurt or cause any harm to the guy. Though it can cause fertility issues, which men are warned about in advance if they’re about to have certain procedures done. “We counsel all of our patients that if we do a certain type of prostate surgery, they are going to have dry ejaculate,” says Kaufman. “For some, that’s a deal-breaker.”

What it Means For You
If you or your guy suddenly notice he has a lot less, uh, fluid coming out after his O than usual, it’s a good idea to have him see his doctor to find out what’s causing it.

If he checks out OK and you’re not trying to conceive, you shouldn’t be worried. “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with retrograde ejaculation,” says Kaufman. Cue the neat freaks cheering.

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