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1 year ago
Nature Tips from an Eco-Expert

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Kick off your shoes
"Walking barefoot on earth or grass makes me feel grounded and at ease. Free the feet and the rest will follow!"


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Catch open-air Z's
"Sleeping outside may lower your stress levels, whether you're in nature or on a pool lounger. My outdoor sleep is always deep and peaceful."


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Run smarter
Going for a jog outside can boost your neuromuscular system, making your body more intelligent. Plus, running to somewhere can feel fulfilling."


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Rethink your lunch
"Lunch breaks are not a waste of time. Taking them outside can be rejuvenating or even increase your creativity and productivity."


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Grow your own green
"Growing food, even if it's just a pot of basil on your patio, is so rewarding. It's the freshest fare you can get."


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