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10 months ago
Natural and cruelty free: 7 reasons you should use vegan products

Made from natural components, vegan products (free from meat and animal products such as milk, butter or cheese) are safe for your skin and hair. Invest in cruelty-free products as they are not tested on animals and are safe from harmful chemicals, say experts.

Here are some benefits of using vegan products:

* Following a vegan beauty regime helps you get healthy skin. Vitamins B and E regenerate skin cells making your skin soft and radiant.

* Thick and long hair is all conceivable with vegan products. Natural extracts such as green tea and banana in vegan shampoos, hair scrubs and conditioners help in eradicating impurities and clearing the scalp.

* Natural ingredients such as seaweed, tea tree oil, vitamin E, aloe vera, chamomile and vitamin C, add energising abstract to these vegan products. Camomile, aloe vera, seaweed and tea tree purify the skin and give it a silky soft feel. They also remove excess oil and impurities, and help treat acne.

* Free from harmful chemicals, vegan products are safe for skin and hair. Using them lowers the chances of skin problems such as rashes, allergies, eczemas, acne, skin inflammation and other skin diseases.

* Vegan beauty products are never tested on animals and therefore are 100% cruelty free.

* Vegan products are free from beeswax, collagen, gelatin, honey, carmine, cholesterol and other animal derived ingredients.

* Choosing vegan products is also a great way to give more thought to what we buy and have more of a moderate, minimalistic approach. By only buying the items we require, we’re more likely to minimise waste.

– Inputs from Shikhee Agrawal, head trainer at The Body Shop, Ragini Mehra, founder at Beauty Source and Nina Lekhi, chief design curator at Baggit.

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