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1 year ago
Move Over Bright-Coloured Foods! These Drool-Worthy Black Foods Are Here

  • Black foods are the new health-foods in the bay
  • Black foods are not only healthy, but beautiful too
  • If you haven't added them in your diet, it is time you do
Bright-coloured vegetables and fruits make an important part of our lives; thanks to the many health benefits they possess and the irresistible taste they offer. These colourful foods are healthy, but striking black coloured foods are no less; packed with anthocyanins, which are pigments that promote health. Black foods are the new health-foods in the bay. Not to forget; they make an irresistible visual treat too. Some of these beautiful black foods include black beans, black raspberries, black tea, black garlic, black pasta, sesame seeds, black pepper and so many others. If you haven't included them in your diet yet, probably you are missing out on a lot.

These drool-worthy pictures of all things black are just what you need to see today! Don't forget to drool!

1. It's time to add sesame seeds to your daily diet. This low-fat black sesame paste from Thailand combined with a bread looks like quite a healthy treat.


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2. This black risotto topped with shrimps and cream looks deliciously good. Mouth-watering much?

3. This ice-cream with activated charcoal is exactly what you need to detox and enjoy at the same time. This creamy delight is not only healthy, but also a detoxifier.

4. This chocolate and ripe mousse with amazing blackberry jelly caviar is what makes a true foodie happy.


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5. Who could have thought a black base pizza will make way for you foodies. This detoxifying pizza made with activated charcoal is super-low in gluten. Topped with all things healthy, this pizza is surely going to make cheesy pizzas run for their money.

6. Who would want to miss out on black noodles topped with tomatoes making it a nutritious treat? These gothic noodles are to diet for.

7. This black flatbread made with activated charcoal topped with healthy veggies is a food paradise for all the health conscious people. You just cannot miss this one!

8. Let's come to the desserts! This sesame cake is also made with activated charcoal. However, making one is definitely not a piece of cake!


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9. Here's another pretty bamboo charcoal and black sesame cake with Japanese tea or coffee. In fact, for this cake, you can even choose a meringue base or crumble cookie base.

10. This vegan black crepe topped with strawberry and cream is to die for. Sure, you don't want to miss the sight of it.

People are recognizing the importance of healthy black foods, which are set to rock the food trends this year. Do tell us if you have ever tried any of these black coloured foods and what you think of them?


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