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10 months ago
Mistakes you should avoid while using an air hair straightener at home

Air straighteners for hair like the Philips KeraShine Essential Care Air Styler have become very popular these days. The whole concept of such air straighteners is to replace the straightening flat irons that straighten and smoothen your hair with pressure between the irons with air straightening it. The air straighteners are basically hair brushes with blow drying technology inside it that provides the heat required for your hair to get styled while combing in thoroughly. However, to get the perfect finish and avoid mistakes, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Apply some hair serum to protect your hair from the heat: No matter how minimized the heat is, it always advised to use a serum or heat protecting gel to protect your hair.
  • Tease your hair while brushing your hair down towards its end to get the perfect finish. What you must keep in mind is that an air straightener or styler won’t give your hair the perfect flat finish that you get from a straightening iron, therefore you must keep teasing your hair with your hand after each time you airbrush it.
  • The brush comes along with an attachable handle and then operates like your regular blowdryer.
  • Check the heat settings. Depending on the heat required there are temperatures set from low to high. Opt for a low temperature and then gradually increase it.
  • Use it on a freshly washed hair that is naturally dried. With no oiliness or greasiness in your hair, you tend to get a better finish.
  • If on high temperature, try to use it on the ends of your hair first and then towards the scalp. Your scalp might heat up and you may feel a bit of burning sensation on your scalp.
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