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9 months ago
Michelle Obama's Blouse Is For a Boss Lady With a Hell of a Lot of Personality

There are simple, well-made tailored blouses, and then there are the type you go mad for, ignoring the price tag, pulling out your credit card, and swearing, "I'll wear it every day!" Of course Michelle Obama owns one of those. When she met with two-year-old Parker Curry, the adorable little girl who was caught staring at the former FLOTUS's portrait, Michelle wore a boss lady look. She paired simple black wide-leg slacks with a fabulous ruffled blouse, capping off the combination with pointed-toe pumps.

We were struck by the bohemian-flair of her flutter top, which is by Veronica Beard and retails for $245. Of course, some women might consider that a high price to pay when they've got countless other neutral basics hanging in their closets, but let us ask you this: Does your white work shirt command as much attention as this one? Ahead, you can get inspired and pick up Michelle's exact design, or shop for a similar, more affordable option with frills.

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