Men and Women Reveal Their Most Regrettable Hookups


While we're totally in favor of getting busy whenever you want and with whomever you feel like, everyone's had hookups that ended in a walk of "what the hell just happened?" In fact, a groundbreaking new study published in the journal Sex Research (which has to be a really sweet publication to work for) finds that a lot men and women occasionally have this feeling after sexing it up with someone.

For the study, researchers analyzed 600 male and female participants’ sexcapades (as in: how many partners they had and how many times they got busy) over a period of three months—and they discovered that sexual regret runs rampant among the masses.

The ladies and gents most commonly regretted getting down with a specific partner (45 percent), while others felt sexually unsatisfied (39 percent). Some felt that they took things a little too far in their sexcapade (35 percent), and another 35 percent said they felt embarrassment about said sexual encounter.

Just a reminder: We're all in this together. Case in point: These five men and women who anonymously shared the hookup experience they regret. 

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“This is going to sound real original, but last year I hooked up with one of my superiors at our holiday party. It would have been extremely awkward afterward no matter how good or bad it was, but since he ejaculated very prematurely in his office, it was even worse. We both knew immediately that it would never happen again. We actually still work together, and almost a year later it’s still really weird any time we’re in the same room—which is usually a few times a day.” —Katie A.

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“And it was actually mid-hookup. To be clear, he’d eaten before we met, so it wasn’t on me for picking a restaurant that gave him the sh*ts. This would have been no big deal if he just came out of the bathroom and 'fessed up or asked me where I kept my plunger—I would’ve just laughed. However, he came back into my room, told me he wasn’t feeling well, and took off. He said nothing about the clogged toilet, and I was left to plunge it. Chivalry is officially dead.” —Allison J.

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"My long-distance boyfriend was in town, and we got a hotel room for the night because we wanted to have some undisturbed alone time away from my roommate. I decided this was the perfect time to try Beyoncé's sex position of choice, surfboarding. FYI: This entails filling a tub up halfway, as the lyrics say, and riding it like a surfboard—a.k.a. reverse cowgirl. It was truly Beyoncé-level fun. But two days later, I got the worst UTI of my life. #regret" —Ashley E.

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“After hooking up with my Tinder date, we started chatting about politics. She told me she was going to vote for Donald Trump in the Republican primary. I started laughing because I just assumed she was joking. She wasn’t.” —Nick P.

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“I was mid-coitus with a boy when he looked me straight in the eye and told me he loved me. This was on our second date, and it was the first time we ever fooled around. I freaked out, pushed him off of me, and screamed, 'Did you just Ted Mosby me?!' He responded, 'Did I just what?' I regret having sex with someone who told me he loved me the first time we were intimate, and I regret having sex with someone who didn’t get my How I Met Your Mother reference.” —Erin M.

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