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Meet the creators behind the internet sensation Boyfriends of Instagram

Ever wondered what’s the secret behind those picture perfect selfies that women flaunt on social media accounts? Well, it’s the ‘loyal boyfriends’ who go to any length to click these pictures, says a hilarious page on Instagram and Facebook.

The page showcases the struggles of boyfriends across the world, who undergo a lot of pain to capture their girlfriend’s most flattering picture. Called ‘Boyfriends of Instagram’, it celebrates the ‘heroes’ behind every woman’s envy inducing Instagram feed.

With more than 60,000 followers, this parody page has taken over the internet. We interviewed one of the creators of the page, who doesn’t want to disclose his identity.

How did it begin?

Me and my mate run the page from Sydney, Australia. We had the idea for ages before actually making the page, but we didn’t think people would find it as funny as we did. But one day we just thought let’s give it a go and see what happens .

Did you guys expect it to go viral?

We thought it would get a few followers but never thought it would take of like this.

How crazy are people about taking selfies? Do you think the selfie obsession has gone too far?

100% it’s crazy how people just don’t give a s*** when it comes getting a good picture for the gram.

What’s the craziest thing you have seen a couple do to capture a selfie?

There’s many to pick from. However, we try and only post the best of the best on our page.

Is it just guys who go all out?

We are not to sure. We do have some of the girls taking photos of boys but as of yet, they haven’t been quite as extreme.

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