Man divorces wife for her reluctance to take a shower; it was preventing them from starting a family

Personal hygiene is an important aspect of our lives and one should never neglect it as that can even put an end to your relationship. Confused? Well, this actually turned out to be a true story for a Taiwanese lady. According to Taipei Times, a Taiwanese man filed for divorce arguing that, among other problems, his wife’s reluctance to take a shower was preventing them from starting a family.

He claimed that he had suffered psychological torture from her bad personal hygiene. But, that is not all, he also shared that her wife did not brush her teeth or wash her hair regularly as well. In the beginning, the husband said that she wasn’t that bad. When they were dating, she would bath once a week but after they got married, things got worse. After they tied the knot, her personal hygiene habits gradually grew worse to the point that a decade later, bathing was just a once in a year and it would take her six hours. However, bathing during winters could seem like a task but it is important. Not bathing is not only unsanitary it is also bad for your body. Contrary to popular belief, you do sweat, even during the winters. You also secrete sebum from your pores — in fact a lot more than during other seasons because of the lack of moisture, you shed more skin cells due to the skin being drier and dirt gets caught in crevices of the body like behind the knees, traces of urine/faces in the genitals etc. Bathing allows you to wash away the dirt, and gives the skin a much needed scrub. It also prevents any skin infections you might get because of being unclean. And most importantly it beats body odour!

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