Love goals: Develop a bond before your wedding


Ways to use your time before marriage:

Before marriage the time is crucial for developing that bond, especially in an arranged marriage. It is the time when you have to prepare yourself for the next step of your life. Your engagement or roka is just the beginning of a beautiful bond. But how would you use this time to build a relationship so strong? Well, pre-marriage time is the perfect time to build a healthy relationship between you two. Instead of taking tensions and getting nervous for the future, utilize this time for the two of you. Here is how:

  • Future planning

Planning the future is crucial and both of you must talk about what your future holds, marriage-wise, relationship-wise, where you wish to stay and if you want children. Your thinking has a huge impact on your relationship and sometimes presuming the other partner would be okay with your choice makes bigger issues. You must plan for your family in advance. This discussion will help you understand each other better.

  • Discussion on Career

Whenever you have a long discussion or go on a date, talk about how you will handle your career after marriage, where you want to be after 5 years? What plans do you have for future and how money management will be done?

  • Know each other

If you are together for a long time then use this time to make your understanding better and if you have met just now go out on a date and have discussions on various topics. This will build understanding between you. Talk as much as you can because it helps in knowing each other’s thoughts and reaction. From likes, dislikes to each other’s reactions, try to build a compatibility based on your strengths and his.

  • Discuss relationship and sex

Chat about the changes that will come in your relationship now and also decide how you will manage them. And then discuss sex, both of you might have different thoughts related to how sex will change post marriage so speak them out. Discussing exes is a no go area respect her past and yours by never letting that impact your future together.

  • Spend time together

After marriage, there will be a shift in your time management schedule. There will be so many functions and meetings that you won’t be able to spend time alone for quite some time. So, make plans for outings and spend quality time with each other.

Weeding photoshoot
Wedding photoshoot
  • Pre-wedding shoot

This is so much in trend these days. Book a brilliant photographer and get an amazing pre-wedding shoot done on a beautiful location. Discuss the locations and poses and capture your lovely moments.


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