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1 year ago
'Just shave': Gigi Hadid 'flaunts' armpit hair on calendar shoot, fans go berse...

On day 11 of Love magazine’s annual Advent calendar, famous supermodel Gigi Hadid went where few models would dare to go and rocked unshaven armpits. While the 22-year-old flaunted her best boxing and volleyball moves, it was her body hair that had people talking.

In the beginning of the minute-long video, the fit model is seen sporting a blue crop top as part of her collaborative line with Tommy Hilfiger, Gigi X Tommy. After opening with “I’m Gigi Hadid. Today’s free-form day,” she’s seen doing a series of boxing moves, stretching, slamming a volleyball and flipping her hair.

However, after she starts working up a sweat, the model can be seen only in a red sports bra with matching shorts, also from her line, and sultry wine-hued eyeshadow. Her parting words? “Stay strong.”

But her athletic prowess and stylish workout attire aren’t what people are talking about: At the end of the video, Gigi raises her bare arms up to flex her muscles, but is instead upstaged by her armpits, which appear to be unshaved.

People started talking about whether she was making a statement by not shaving her underarms and took the question to social media, where some were supportive, commenting, “Love her and her armpits hair.”

One was especially moved by the look and wrote on Instagram, “I praise Gigi for this! Show the world that women DO grow body hair and that it shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of just because we’re female.”

While others were disgusted by the possibility and said, “Her armpits not shaved ewwwww.”

Others said, “Horrible armpit hair” and “Just shave”.

However, those comments may have all been in vain after reports from TMZ confirmed that the debris under her arms was just fuzz from the blue jacket she was wearing before.

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