Jan 14, Dealing with Jealousy

9 Potential reasons for your jealousy

  1. Your partner is spending more time with other people (especially difficult if time together is your primary love language);
  2. Your partner gives other people (workmates, friends, people of the opposite sex, kids) more attention during a social gathering and you feel shortchanged;
  3. You notice some changes in the way your partner treats you — they appear to have become aloof or distant;
  4. Someone is showing interest - romantic or not - in your partner;
  5. Your partner starts interacting with other people who appear to be more ‘stimulating’ (intellectually, physically or romantically) to him/her and you feel like you're out of the loop;
  6. You think that your partner is starting to develop an unhealthy and seemingly romantic interest in another person;
  7. You fear that you will lose your partner to someone else;
  8. You think that you're not good enough and that someone might be better suited to your partner; or,
  9. You may be reliving moments wherein you were once lied to, or cheated on, by your current partner or a partner from a previous relationship. It may have happened recently or a long time ago, but you still find it difficult to move on.
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