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Is it possible to lower high BP immediately?

High blood pressure (BP) or hypertension is a potentially life-threatening illness, in which blood flows through the arteries with a lot of force, putting strain on the blood vessels. This means that the person suffering from high BP could die of a heart attack or stroke due to the damage done to the walls of the arteries. Although hypertension is a complex problem, stemming from multiple causes, faulty eating habits and a bad lifestyle are mainly blamed for it. A diet high in salt, sodium and alcohol and deprived of fresh, healthy vegetables and fruits could cause the blood pressure to shoot up. Similarly, a sedentary lifestyle without physical exercise can also worsen hypertension. Usually, there are no outward signs or symptoms of hypertension and the only way to keep track of it is through frequent monitoring.

Once the patient is diagnosed with hypertension, the road to recovery is through medicines, diet and exercise. The question is whether there is a way to replace this slow and arduous process with a quick-and-efficient solution to bring down BP. So we asked Dr Pradip Shah Consultant Physician, Fortis Hospital, Mulund whether there are natural methods to lower blood pressure immediately without increasing the dosage of medicine. He quickly dispels this misconception: “If the patient is suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure, then it is not feasible to bring down blood pressure immediately with natural means. The patient has to take medicines regularly and in the right dosage.”

But blood pressure can also rise due to other factors such as stress. Even during the day, blood pressure fluctuates, changing with every activity you perform or every food you eat. What’s the right time to check BP? “Sometimes stress can cause the person’s blood pressure to rise. In such cases, it is possible to lower the BP quickly with natural means because the cause of the hypertension is not pathological,” says Dr Shah. Here’s what you have to do:

Not getting enough sleep or rest can cause BP to rise. You should aim to get at least six hours of sleep every night. Sleep helps in regulating the stress hormones, bringing down the BP naturally.

2. Lie down
It’s harder for your heart to pump blood when you are standing up straight. It has to work against gravity to send your blood upwards all over your body. When you lie down, the heart and head are at the same level so it doesn’t have to pump very hard. This will help reduce the load on the heart and lower BP.

3. Breathe deeply
Deep slow breathing can help lower your stress levels, thereby bringing down the BP. One of the main reasons why the BP shoots up is erratic breathing patterns during times of stress. That’s why deep breathing helps in lowering hypertension and regulating BP.

“Just following these steps will have a placebo effect, since the patient feels that he or she has taken the appropriate measures to bring down BP. The thought alone will calm the patient down and lower hypertension,” Dr Shah concludes.

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