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11 months ago
Is it Taimur or Inaaya Naumi? Guess who the baby is in Soha Ali Khan’s lap

We've often seen that cousins often end up looking the same, but being exactly similar to each other is a far-fetched possibilty. However, that is not what the case is with Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi and Inaaya Naumi Kemmu.

Another picture is making the rounds today that once again proves that Inaaya Naumi and Taimur have strikingly similar looks. Yes that's right. In fact, at first glimpse we thought that we were looking at six month old Taimur.

Don't believe us? Check out this picture that's ruling the social media today:


This is not the first picture that shows Inaaya Naumi and Taimur looking exact copies of each other. A couple of weeks back, Inaaya was spotted with her mother Soha Ali Khan at the Mumbai airport.

Decked up in pink, the little girl was taking a peaceful nap in her mumma's arms when the paparazzi clicked her.

From the colour of her eyes to her chubby cheeks and rosy lips, Taimur's cousin Inaaya Naumi is his true copy. Here's that picture:

Last time Inaaya was in news for her light coloured eyes and how they were of the same colour as Taimur. One look and you'd notice that Inaaya Naumi Kemmu and Taimur Ali Khan Patuadi not only look the same, they have the exact same eye colour.

Where our looks come from?

Genetic combinations from both parents determines a baby's physical appearance. These are basically classified as dominant and recessive traits.

  • Dominant traits require only one copy of a dominant gene for that trait to stand out such as brown eyes, cleft chin, dimples and curly hair
  • Recessive traits would stand out only when a baby has two copies of a recessive gene: one from mom and one from dad. These include grey, green, hazel, and blue eyes, blonde hair, thin lips and rounded hairline.

While a child definitely gets his features and habits from his parents, his gene structure is also influenced by the generations that lived before them. This is exactly the reason why a child might have curly hair even though his mum and dad have straight hair.

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