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10 months ago
Is cold-pressed juice really healthy?

Whether you are into fitness or just love drinking juice, you must have heard about the cold-pressed juice. If you haven’t, let us give you some dope on it. A cold pressed juice is prepared by pressing fruits and vegetables. And because of the way the juice is extracted, cold-press juice claims to be healthier than the regular juice. But is cold-pressed juice really healthy or just hype? Let us hear it from nutritionist Padma Syal.

Cold press juice vs regular juice

So while cold-pressed juice is prepared by pressing fruits and vegetables, the normal juice is extracted using blades in the blender or the mixer. Blade creates heat when they spin so they are said to destroy the nutrients in the food. Vitamin C which is one of the main ingredients in juice is sensitive to both heat and light. However, there is no research which backs the fact that cold-press juice is more nutrient dense than regular juice.

But one reason why you would still want to drink cold-pressed juice it is because it is free of added sugars and preservatives. Cold-pressed juices also contain a lot of vegetables where as shop-bought regular juice mostly contain fruits so they miss out on all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants present in vegetables. Here are 8 reasons why you should drink aloe vera juice. 

Whole fruit– a better choice

But you would still want to eat whole fruit rather than fruit juice, be it cold-pressed or regular juice. A 250 ml glass would be equal to having 10 spoons of sugar even when no sugar has been added. It can give you a very high sugar rush, which can cause a burst of energy, leading to an immediate drop, followed by fatigue, lethargy and irritability. A 250 ml glass of orange juice would have at least 5-6 oranges. If you eat 5-6 oranges you would be full, but if you have a glass of orange juice you would yet want to eat more. Here’s how many calories your orange juice has.

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