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Interesting Proposal Ideas To Try

 A marriage proposal is the most special thing for any couple. The guy does every possible thing to make the proposal special and memorable for her lady. If you are looking for some creative ideas to propose the love of your life then here are some ideas for you.

First Date Destination: - Do you remember the first place where you two had your first date? Yes, that’s the perfect destination to propose your lady. It could be a restaurant or small café or may be your college. Tell her how good the journey has been together and you wish to spend the rest of the journey with her only.

Beach: - Beaches are the most romantic destination, take your girl to a beautiful countryside beach, blindfold her and write the proposal on the sand and then remove the blindfold and ask them to see it.

Game: - You can either write the message on a jigsaw puzzle or play small games together. Like asking each other question. When it's your turn pop the question “will you marry me”.

Chocolate: - Get a box of chocolates and place one chocolate in the ring, as soon as she open the chocolate, go down on your knees and propose to her.

Movies: - Movie Theater often plays advertisements before and in between the movies you can purchase the advertising slides and write your message. Let you girl see on the big screen what you want to say.

Skywriting: - Skywriting is the perfect way to propose. Show the world how much you love her. You can also get a plane to fly with a banner with “will you marry me “

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