Ideas for Creating a Unique Wedding Proposal

Ideas for Creating a Unique Wedding Proposal

One of the most important times in your life is about to unfold.  It may indeed sound like a cliché, but you have met the woman of your dreams.  You know that this is who you want to spend the rest of your life with.  You know that you want to propose to her so that you can let the whole world know that you and she will be starting a new life together as a married couple.  You want to make your wedding proposal really special, uniquely created just for the both of you.

Building your proposal

Sounds wonderful, but how do you go about designing the most awesome wedding proposal ever?  Since this is the sort of endeavor that you only will do once (with any luck), what’s the best way to do it?  Are there any sure-fire ways to go about proposing? What works well and what does not? Are there any rules or do’s and don’ts?  As you can see, there are many questions to consider before taking this monumental step into your future life together. To help you sort through the many options and considerations, we have assembled a panel of people all of whom have been there before you, to find out what they found best in the wonderful, yet slightly nerve-wracking experience.  Learn from this group’s collective experiences!

Forget what you have seen in the movies

This is the gist of what Malcolm Reese, a 35-year-old market analyst.  “I remember when I knew I wanted to marry Dora Lee. I wanted to make the proposal to marry me very special for Dora Lee.  One big problem though: The only things I knew about marriage proposals came from movies. I knew I did not want to do that sort of proposal because it just was not who I am.  I wracked my brain. I spend all day analyzing markets, so I decided to use the same sorts of strategies I use at work–high risk, high reward, low risk, slow steady growth–to my marriage proposal.  The high-risk option meant that I’d be buying a big diamond ring and would make a theatrical production of it; the low risk would be an understated talk along the lines of “Say, we’re compatible. Let’s get married.”  I decided to look for a middle ground in my proposal and if I say so myself, it was perfect for us. We went out to our favorite dining spot. I had called ahead and arranged that the ring box would arrive next to the slice of red velvet cake that Dora Lee always orders.  Before dessert, I told her that I had something I wanted to speak with her about during dessert. It certainly was not a Hollywood moment, but Dora Lee loved it! We’ve been married now for eleven incredible years.”

Think about your common interests

This is what Lloyd Winton stressed.  “We both are ultra-marathoners, and spend almost every weekend either training for or participating in sporting events.  During one practice run, I told Rachel I just wanted to run with her, and not to be running ahead on my own. I chose the most scenic run we do.  In the end, we sat down and admired the view of the valleys and towns below. I had previously placed the engagement ring on my heart monitor and pretended there was something wrong with it and handed it to Rachel.  Immediately, she started crying tears of joy, and then stood up and shouted “Yes” at the top of her voice. It was one of the happiest moments of our lives.”

When proposing take into account the things you have in common

Do your own brainstorming

This should not be underestimated as an excellent strategy for coming up with new ideas, different viewpoints, and opinions. Creative director Geoffrey Anselm, 45, decided to bring together his friends for a focus group solely devoted to coming up with creative ideas for his proposal.  “In effect, I outsourced my proposal to my future wife, to my best buddies. Since these guys are some of my oldest friends, they came up with some really good personalized suggestions”, Geoffrey enthused. He continued, Of course, you don’t have to involve your best buds in a brainstorming session.  You could do it by yourself, and just write down every idea you get no matter how weird, put your notes away for a day or so, and then look at them fresh. There just may be the ideal way to propose in there.”

In keeping current with the times, you can text that all-important question  

Your parents will certainly not understand why your proposal was texted, but few of your friends would question your choice of proposal style.  Josh Lane, 32, works in the tech industry and is somebody who did text his proposal. “We spend a lot of time texting every day, and with so many more emojis appearing all the time, it just seemed natural to propose this way.  Plus, there’s a great diamond ring emoji,” Josh added. “We’re planning on using the proposal text as the cover of our wedding invitations!” Creative, indeed!

So there you go

Four unique ways to propose.  None of these are run of the mill proposals, and all will certainly be remembered by both parties.

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