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ICU hospitalisation — how to manage your expenses, bills and treatment

If you are on social media or have read your newspapers in the morning, you might be well aware of the death of a 7-year-old girl due to dengue. According to the reports, the Gurugram Fortis Hospital charged 18 lakhs for dengue treatment of a girl who died recently. Although the Haryana Government has ordered a probe on the hospital for charging a hefty amount, the point here is does it really cost that much to get treatment for dengue? How to know if you have been cheated or charged extra? Well, here are some of the key things you need to keep in mind if admitted to ICU. Also read about a layman’s guide to getting the best during a hospital stay.

#1. It is quite often seen that hospital authorities admit you in MICU (instead of ICU), even if you do not have a serious health problem, The reason, only to charge you more because MICU is medical intensive care unit (and with added facilities as they claim) that is used to keep critically ill patients. They claim to get specialised doctors on board for your treatment and diagnosis. Well, if the hospital doesn’t have specialists on the panel and has to call the experts on an appointment, then ask the hospital to call all the experts on a single day rather than making you wait in the MICU and taking their own time so that they can charge you more. Remember, MICU is an emergency situation and it is the responsibility of the hospital to get all tests done and get an expert opinion at the earliest as possible rather than make money from the patient and his family.

#2. There are two ways you can get medications and other prescriptions. First, you either pay some advance and every time you take medications from the pharmacy, they add the amount to the bill and then you clear it at the time fo discharge. The second one is when the doctors prescribe or the nurses ask you to get other disposables in a chit of paper. In this case, you need to buy the prescribed items and hand it over to the concerned staff. But most of the time, not all prescribed drugs and materials are used, so do not get the prescriptions if it’s already there and not used. Ensure that you are billed accordingly and if any of the medications and disposables are not unpacked or used, then you can return it at the pharmacy counter. If you have even one diaper or a single sachet of reconstitution powder, you can take it with you while leaving the hospital as returning it is not possible. Remember, pay only for the medications and materials the hospital has used and return if there’s anything in excess or unused. Also read about tips to make your doctor’s consultation better.

#3. During discharge, most hospital staff tend to extend your stay by a day or two only to charge you more. The reason, you are insured so you will get the money in return. Many times, you have to stay till the doctor comes, to get discharged, even if the doctor has said you can leave the next morning. And by the time the doctor comes in afternoon or evening and you are charged for that day as well even though officially you are supposed to leave the morning. So if your doctor is ready to discharge you, sit on his head to sign the necessary formalities and get prescription ready so that you do not waste an entire day at a hospital doing the formalities or waiting for a doctor the next day.

#4. How many times have you been asked if you have a health insurance cover as soon as you enter the hospital even before asking your name or problem? Well, mostly this is what the hospital staff start the conversation with. This is because, if you are insured, they can give you a specialised ICU room and reap money from you. So answer with proper care. Also, they can prescribe high-end medications, unnecessary tests and specialists recommendations only to make money as you are insured. Please keep your eyes and ask the doctors and the hospital authorities if you have doubt about any unnecessary pieces of advice given in the pretext of reaping more money. Here are few to-dos for using your health insurance well.

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