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I Went to Work on a Weekend and Ended Up Well-thy

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Confession: Until last weekend, I'd never been to the Hamptons. In my head, the area was synonymous with socialites and seersucker. But as Women's Health's social media editor, I jumped on a bus to Southampton to spend a day at our Well+thy Home event with Domino magazine and our third annual Party Under the Stars to kick off our Run 10 Feed 10 race series with FEED Projects. And let me tell you: The Hamptons is so much more than I expected—at least when we took over! Here are some of the highlights from the weekend.

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Rooftop Yoga with Mandy Ingber

The Well+thy Home wellness retreat began with us getting our flow on in the morning sun with celebrity trainer and yogi Mandy Ingber. “I think of my workout as my expression of gratitude of having a body that will move,” says Ingber. "That inspires me, just having this amazing body and this human gift." We all finished our yoga with that same feeling: alive and ready to embrace the day to come.

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Gorgeous Salads and More

Next, we got to nosh on creamy green smoothies, sushi-inspired snack rolls, and the brightest salad I’ve ever seen. Keri Glassman, R.D., who's on the Women's Health advisory board, chatted with us about why extreme cleanses don’t work and about how empowering it can be to eat foods that do your body good and taste good. 

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A Killer Workout

“Who’s ready to build a booty?!” That’s how ACE and CrossFit-certified trainer Heidi Powell started off the bootcamp workout that had every single Well+thy House guest drenched in sweat—but still smiling. Women who were strangers before the workout were cheering each other on by the end of it. Our thighs burned, but we all pushed through together (and maybe collapsed on the lawn in exhausted bliss afterward).

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Herb-Growing 101

We passed around bundles of freshly cut herbs and inhaled the earthy smells of cilantro, basil, and oregano while Jeff Dawson, director of lands and farms at Golden Door Resort & Spa in northern California, walked us through how to grow our own. “Even in the darkest corner of the city, if you’ve got a window, you can set up a window box on that window sill,” he says. “Right there, you’ve just shifted the whole quality of the foods that you eat because you’ll be picking fresh herbs on a daily basis.” I’m inspired to try it out for myself (even though I couldn’t keep a Chia Pet alive as a kid). 

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Partying for a Cause

We’ve been gearing up for our Run 10 Feed 10 race series for months, and we’re so proud to work with FEED Projects to help hungry Americans. The New York race—the first of 12 10-Ks and fun-runs we'll be hosting across the country—is quickly approaching (if you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time!).

Hundreds of guests raised their glasses (coconut water sangria, yum) to toast the cause and bumped to the beat of Orange is the New Black actress Taryn Manning’s sick turntable skills. She wasn't the only celeb there, either. I also spotted Rosario Dawson, Laura Prepon, and Molly Sims. After a long day and night of meeting so many awesome new people, I was giddy—and exhausted.

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Ready to Start Training!

The Well+thy Home and Party Under the Stars were packed with smiling faces (including mine—that's me on the right!), great energy, and excitement. On Sunday morning, before leaving the Hamptons, I stared out at the ocean with newly sparked plans to train for the New York Run 10 Feed 10 race (I’ll see you there!), turn my kitchen window into a mini garden, and downward-dog it much more often.

Join us in our mission to provide meals for hungry Americans! Find a Run 10 Feed 10 event near you or check out these other ways to get involved.

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