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9 months ago
I Tried Kundalini Yoga and It Totally Pushed Me Outside My Comfort Zone

Think about yoga, and you probably feel an instant sense of zen. There's all that deep breathing. If being warm is your thing, then there are entire studios dedicated to allowing you to get your Downward Dog on in a hot room. And then there's all that feel-good lingo that instructors preach in between Vinyasa push-ups and side planks. When I sat down for my first-ever Kundalini yoga session at the launch of The James Four Bodies wellness programming, I was expecting to completely let go of my long day. But what happened? Well, it wasn't exactly what I envisioned.

First, a little bit about Kundalini yoga. While the exact origin isn't exactly known, the practice was introduced in the United States roughly around 1968. At its core, the methodology is all about spiritual energy and force. The goal? Move energy up the spine and through the chakras of your body in both standing and seated poses.

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