I Have Been With My Boyfriend For 5 Years and the Sex Has Never Suffered - Here's Why

I should start by admitting I am by no means an authority on relationships and sex. I am merely a woman armed with a laptop and (hopefully) nothing to lose. Usually I write about fashion, but today I'll be writing about another F word - you know the one I mean.

My boyfriend and I have been together for five years and lived together for two, and while in the big scheme of things it's early days, I can honestly say we've maintained a consistently healthy sex life. You could call it luck, but I do think there's a handful of things we've done along the way that's kept us from falling into a rut.

Obviously, every couple is different - what works for us may not work you. But in the spirit of laying it all out on the table, read on for the seven things I believe have made all the difference.

1. Lingerie, All Day, Every Day

Wearing lingerie makes me feel really, really good, so I don't save it for special occasions. Before you roll your eyes, it has nothing to do with pleasing my partner and everything to do with pleasing myself (I mean, obviously he likes it, but that's an added bonus). What a black lacey set is for me, is a red lipstick for someone else. It gives me a quiet confidence boost and makes me feel like being spontaneous.

2. We Take it Outside the Bedroom, Regularly

I would say we have sex out of bed more often than in it. Before I continue, I'll be straight up - having sex in places other than bed isn't always rainbows and orgasms. I mean, the driver's seat of a car? Give me a break. Unless your car is in fact a spacious bus, it ain't easy. Against the car though? Yep, it's good. As is our kitchen, backyard, the hallway, behind the front door, in the crawl space . . . Doing it somewhere new adds an extra level of excitement and can also lead to trying new things - it forces you to get creative.

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