Swati Panwar
7 years ago
I Got My Makeup Done by Korea's Top 2 Makeup Artists–This Is What I Learned

Got makeup by korea's top 2 makeup Artists..named Son dae sik and Park tae yun.Makeup Step by Step:
Tip1: Firstly start with a clean canvas: In starting We clean Your face before applying the makeup. we clean the face using beauty water it makes your Face Beautyful as well as brighten than before.after applyiong is your pores of skin will tighten and create a clean base for your makeup application. 
Lesson 2: Use a strobing base: It is a light reflecting Product strobing base. “Korean Girls love that dewy skin look, so it’s about making sure you prep the skin so that it shines and has that glow,” you can also just apply to the high points of your face. 
Lesson 3: A straight, soft Eyebrow Helps look Beautiful: Your Face Completely Depends On Your Eyebrow It is main focus of Your Face .Eyery Girl. Eyebrows have many Shapes it also dependent on ur face feature or shape. straight Eyebrows, half round, Thick, luscious etc.
Lesson 4: Embrace your under-eye bags: It’s true that Son and Park created a product specifically for it: their Plumping & Shaping Pencil Duo ,It helps contour the fat underneath your eyes. “If you highlight that area, it makes you look more youthful; your eyes look more smiley and you have an overall friendlier appearance.”
Lesson 5: Control the glow: Compact Powder is ony use for control your Glow. Swating On Face Reducing Your glow so we can apply this sides of my nose, along my hairline, T-zone, and around my eyebrows. 
Lesson 6: Use different-colored concealers: If you really want a smooth, even-toned complexion, you have to use more than one shade of concealer, according to the artist. He says that there are several different colors that are work for different areas of your face.As we Defined Above. A pinkish tone is best for covering up dark circles, a tan, deep concealer is best for concealing moles and dark spots, and a lighter shade is good for everywhere else.


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