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9 months ago
I Gave Up Soda For a Year and It Changed My Life

Have you ever wondered just how bad soda is for your body? I didn't either for almost 27 years of my life. I was addicted to the sugary goodness. I would drink it without thought - with lunch, as a snack, with dinner, during movies. I'd consume so many sodas in a day that my doctor warned me it was getting to be hazardous to my health. I had tried to quit soda before, but always came back to it after a week off. But as I was about to turn 28, my body was giving me warning signs of its own that I needed to change my habits. I was always tired - unless fueled with caffeine. Food wouldn't taste good if I didn't have it with a soda. And I was always bloated and gassy, which doesn't help when you're trying to go out on dates. So two days before my 28th birthday, I decided to give up the drink for a year. Yep, 365 days without soda - would I be able to do it? I wasn't confident with myself, but I wanted to try. Here are the things that I learned.

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