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11 months ago
Hug Day 2018: Know the benefits of hugging and how much he/she cares about you

New Delhi:

Valentine’s Day falls on February 14 every year, each day, from February 7 to 13, has its own meaning and is celebrated accordingly. And February 12 is dedicated to Hug Day.

The first thing you want to do is to hug your near and dear one at times of happiness and sorrow. We often want to hug the person and express one's feeling about each other.

Hugging someone not only comforts and gives relief to you but it has also got some of the most amazing physiological miracles at that moment.

Here are some of the benifits of hugging:

1: Hugging your dear one's help in strengthening your relationship.
2: It also helps in keeping your blood pressure at level.
3: Hugging relaxes your mucles, releases tension from your body.
4: When you are in pain, go and hug your dear one as it relieve's pain by blocking pain pathways.
5: It helps better your immune system.
6: Improves heart dealth as it decreases risk of heart disease.
7: Hugging decreases feelings of loneliness.
8: It helps in releasing tension and keeps the brain calm.
9: When you hug somesome it helps you to understand the other person in even better way.
10: It betters your immune system and keeps you healthy.

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