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11 months ago
How to store parsley, cilantro and other herbs to keep them fresh for longer

If you like to cook continental or Thai food at home for a change, you would have tried using a few herbs not often used in Indian cuisine. However, it can be frustrating to buy bunches of herbs every week if you do not have herbs growing in your home garden, especially if you usually cook Indian food and try something different occasionally.  Luckily you can make a few tweaks to the way you store herbs to keep them fresh from longer. Here’s what you should do according to nutritionist Padma Syal.

Parsley and cilantro: Trim the parsley and cilantro leaves as soon as you get them home and place them in a small glass full of water. Then place the leaves loosely in a plastic ziplock bag an refrigerate it. Remember you should always store tender herbs by snipping it off the base of the stem. These are the top 8 herbs you should include in your diet without fail.

Rosemary, thyme and oregano: These herbs will be mouldy and brown if you place them in water. Just wrap them loosely in damp paper towels and then in a plastic wrap and then store them in the crisper drawers in the fridge. Make sure that you swap those paper towels for fresh ones every couple of days. The herbs will remain fresh for a few days or sometimes even a week or more. Also, do not rinse the herbs until you are about to use it.

Mint and basil: Mint and basil leaves are like fresh flowers so you need to treat them the same way. Trim their stems as soon as you get home and place them in a container or a glass of water. Wrap the container or the glass with a plastic wrap and store them at room temperature. Just make sure that you store them in the bright area but not in directsunlight. The leaves will turn black if refrigerated. Mint can also be grown at home throughout the season. Also, stop buying these 8 herbs and start growing them at home. 

Protip: Do not use the herbs if they turn dark or brittle or the stems of the herbs begin to mould.

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