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11 months ago
How to set realistic weight loss, fitness and diet goals in 2018

At around this time every year, we feel compelled to evaluate and assess different areas of our life and make plans for change, improvement and progress. Weight loss, getting fit, eating healthy and achieving peace of mind are some of the topmost New Year resolutions we all make. But how many of us are actually able to sustain these? There are many reasons and excuses we come up with why we are not able to stick to our New Year resolutions–lack of time, lack of commitment and unrealistic goals among others. Manasa Rajan, health and wellness coach at Curefit tells us how to set realistic weight loss and fitness goals in 2018 so you can actually achieve them.

1) Aim for holistic improvement: When you set health goals, think holistically and not just about losing weight. Health encompasses several aspects of our life – being free from lifestyle diseases like diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, having a reasonable weight as per the height and genetics, possessing a moderate level of fitness in terms of endurance, strength and flexibility and having a high Immunity against infections and recurring illnesses. When you think about health, it’s necessary to think about lifestyle changes that will impact our health across all aspects and not just focus on short-term goals that include crash diets, starvation or avoiding entire food groups.

2) Start slow with exercise: To cultivate exercise as a habit, aim to workout, run or do yoga at least 5 times each week. Over a few weeks, this will improve metabolism, fitness, energy levels, focus and health.

3) Change one meal at a time: An effective way to improve one’s diet is to change it one meal at a time. For instance, eat more fruit at breakfast, every day of the week. Eat only nuts, seeds or fruit as a snack in between meals.

4) Eat more plant-based whole foods: Eat more fruit, vegetables, lentils, nuts, seeds and whole grains in your diet. Eat minimally processed foods. Avoid refined sugar, hydrogenated oil and artificial flavours & preservatives. Eating this way boosts the micronutrients in our diet, and improves the body’s ability to heal itself at a cellular level, improve metabolism, balance hormones, increase energy and boost immunity.

5) Don’t set short-term goals: When we set short-term goals like losing 5 kgs in 3 weeks and starve ourselves to attain it, we might be able to lose that weight, but we harm our bodies in the process. Such starvation slows down our metabolism which impacts energy levels and this might, in fact, lead to weight gain. The sudden fat loss and low nutrition causes the skin to sag and lose its lustre or even dark circles under the eyes. A lifestyle change or habit focused approach, on the other hand, results in small but consistent and sustained improvement in weight, energy, immunity. Over a period of time, it also prevents and reverses lifestyle conditions, slows down signs of ageing and improves skin health and helps with hormone balance.

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