How to make Homemade Eyeshadow with Household Items​

How to make Homemade Eyeshadow with Household Items: 

You should have knowledge about everything especially makeup product such as how you can make Homemade Eyeshadow with Household Items. It's quite strange but not 
impossible. It's good for you because Homemade Eyeshadow is all natural. You can use it without any side effects.

Here are following ingredients for Homemade
Ingredients for the base:

1. Shea butter
2. Arrowroot Powder
3. Cocoa powder
4. Turmeric
5. Nutmeg
6. Allspice
7. Dried beet fine powder

Directions: Take 1/4 tbsp Arrowroot Powder, you can add more powder if you want to make it more. Now add other ingredients Nutmeg, Turmeric, Dried beet fine powder, Allspice and mix it together. Mix it
until you get, your desire colour. When it mixed well, then add 1/2 tbsp shea butter and mix this paste until soft and creamy. It gives moisturized look to your eyes.
Colour Option: You have some
colour option for Homemade Eyeshadow.
1. PALE PINK                            3. LIGHT BROWN4
2. MAUVE             .                   4. GOLDEN BROWN


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