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9 months ago
How to keep your kids safe from sexual predators this Holi

Holi is just around the corner and it is one such festival when women and child safety becomes a major concern in India. We hear of so many molestation and mass groping cases during this season when in the name of ‘festivity and joy’, men tend to molest and grope innocent women. Molestation on Holi isn’t just in physical for but men come up with ridiculous other ways of torturing women on this day. Recently, men have come up with a horrific idea of hitting women with semen-filled balloons to harass women. A guy in Delhi actually targetted a woman’s hip with a semen-filled balloon. As filthy as it sounds, there have been many such harassments since ages. Women and children have been smudged with colours in their private parts forcefully and what not. Children being the most innocent and safe targets for men to harass need to be protected very well on Holi. Here are few tips that you should keep in mind :

1. Do not let them go away from your sight. Perverts under the influence of bhaang and alcohol roam around everywhere on the streets of India on this day. Make sure the kids are always supervised and prepared not leave the premises.

2. Train them to strictly not talk to strangers and even maintain a safe distance with other people on this day. Explain to them up to what extent is it right to apply colours.

3. Feed them well beforehand so they are not hungry and ask them to not take any edible item from anyone that day. And also to not eat anything they see at places where you are having say a community Holi celebration.

4. Give them your contact number written on a piece of paper that they can keep with them and groom them to act wisely in case they fall into such a situation.

5. Groom your kids to understand the difference between good touch and bad touch. Ask them to report to you as soon as they see something suspicious.

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