How to Use Eyeliner | How to Apply Eyeliner Perfectly

Eyeliner can be a game changer for your eye makeup. If you apply eyeliner correctly it will accentuate your eyes. So it is really necessary to learn how to apply the eyeliner perfectly. Although you can always Book makeup services at the salon and parlor if you are not proficient at doing makeup, but knowing how to do such simple make up things like applying eyeliner can always come handy in day to day life.


Choose the Liner: - There are three types of liners: - pencil liner, gel liner, and liquid liner. Always choose a liner as per your need. If you are the fan of doing cat-eye, and then choose gel eyeliner, if you like creating clean lines, swoop, and flick, then liquid eyeliner is your best pick and if you like Smokey eye makeup then choose pencil eyeliner.

Use a Primer: - It is important to use a primer before applying eye shadow as it helps in making the eyeliner stay for a longer period of time without smudging and it also creates a good base for the colors to blend in.

Prepare: - If you are using a pencil liner, make sure to sharp it before using, if you are using a liquid eyeliner shake the bottle of the liner well and in the case of the gel eyeliner coat both sides of the brush with gel.

Start from the middle: - Always start your eyeliner from the middle of the upper lash line and move towards the outer edge of the lash line. Bonus tip if you are worried about creating the uneven line you can outline the upper lash line first with a pencil liner and then apply a gel or liquid eyeliner over it.

Finish towards the inner: - After creating a line from the middle of the upper lash line towards the outer edge of the eye, apply the eyeliner to the inner corner of the eye. Now while doing this make sure to keep the thick line on the outer edges and thin on the inner edges.

Fill in the gaps: - To give your liner a finished look makes sure there is no gap between your lashes and liner. So make sure to swipe your liner at least once from the inner edges to your outer edge.

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