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7 months ago
How to Master Your Street Style Pose and Take the Most Flattering Outfit Shots Ever

Whether you're posing for your own blog or the street style paparazzi, there's an art to working the best angle. Adorably pigeon-toed or confidently strutting toward the lens, your go-to stance of choice says something about who you are - not to mention that with every tilt and bend, your body can look completely different.

So what's your signature pose? Perhaps you can gather some inspiration from these street style stars, who happen to have theirs down pat. Just in time for Fashion Week, read on for the 11 most popular poses, and we'll get to the bottom of what they really mean. That way, aside from planning this week's eccentric, eye-catching outfits, you're totally ready for your photo op.

- Additional reporting by Samantha Sutton

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