How to Help Him Last Longer in Bed

We've been told time and again that Kegel exercises—the squeezing and releasing of our pelvic muscles—can make sex feel better. And actually, that's true for both women and men. Pelvic floor exercises can help treat premature ejaculation, according to research presented at the European Association of Urology in Stockholm this week.

In the recent study, researchers looked at 40 men between 19 and 46 who were suffering from lifelong premature ejaculation (defined by the International Society of Sexual Medicine as ejaculation within one minute). They found that by doing simple pelvic floor exercises, all but five of the men's PE improved within 12 weeks.

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So, how do you do it? The study's lead researcher, Antonio Pastore, M.D., Ph.D., explained that the exercises involved contracting the perineal muscles—the area between the tailbone and the genitals—in basically the same way that you'd perform Kegel exercises. Participants in the study also used electrostimulation to stimulate the perineal floor, as well as biofeedback, which helped them recognize the positioning of their perineal floor.

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Here's the thing—these men were all suffering from serious, long-term premature ejaculation. For occasional PE, some experts recommend the use of anesthetic creams and condoms or, in some cases, a prescribed SSRI-inhibitor. However, Pastore notes that these pelvic floor exercises may be just as effective in minor cases—without any side effects. Plus, it could boost their confidence, since they're essentially improving their sex lives all on their own. The bottom line: Your guy may be able to Kegel his way to a better sex life. If he's having trouble, you might want to suggest that he ask his doctor or a sex therapist about this simple solution.

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