How safe are Emergency contraceptive I pills?

Worried after a night of unplanned and unprotected passion? Worry not, as there is a quick solution – the i-pill. But don’t think that you can practice unsafe sex and just depend on the i-pill every time.

Pregnancy is the best time in every woman’s life, as it marks the shift of her identity from a woman to a mother. But if you haven’t really planned to have a baby and had unprotected sex, you might be worried about getting pregnant. Often women with unplanned pregnancy end up getting an abortion and then follows a plethora of anxiety, guilt, self-pity, shame, fear, regret, and loneliness — feelings that wouldn’t have occurred if there was a way to undo the damage.

To save women from this pitiable state, various emergency contraceptive pills have come into the market and the i-pill is one of those. Launched by pharmaceutical company Cipla, it has immensely proved its effectiveness in the field of emergency contraception.

However, the i-pill is not a contraceptive pill you can depend on daily. With the fabulous marketing, Cipla did for its revolutionary i-pill, it succeeded in making it one of India’s favored ‘emergency contraceptive pills’. But it also leads to many myths about the pill. In a country like India where people only expect you to have sex after getting married, sometimes these advertisements can be misleading.

The i-pill is to be used only as an emergency contraceptive pill.

There are certain things you need to know about it, though.

So these are the important things you must know before taking an i-pill. While the i-pill has offered millions of Indian women a sense of relief, abusing it can be a huge mistake

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