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10 months ago
How long should you sit to poop?

Do you read the entire newspaper or get through several pages of your novel or several levels of Candy Crush on the porcelain throne? According to Dr Manish Pense, there is nothing wrong in taking your own sweet time in the toilet.

It is great if you can finish your business in five minutes but it is okay even if you have to spend half an hour in the bathroom. What you need to understand is that pooping habits vary from person to person. You can’t put a limit or a specific number for this bodily function.

That being said, if you seem to take forever because you are straining or you have to stick a finger to your anus or sit a certain way to poop you need to see a gastroenterologist. If you have a lot of difficulty pooping, you may have some anatomical abnormalities that could be impinging the rectum. Remember straining can lead to piles or haemorrhoids. The colonic obstruction could also be the cause. If that is the case, where you haven’t passed a single bowel movement for too long, it has to be manually removed or a water jet will have to be used by your doctor to break the hard stools and ease the colonic obstruction. As gross as this sounds, it is fairly common for gastroenterologists to deal with patients suffering from colonic obstruction because of hardened stools or very chronic constipation. These 13 common mistakes can aggravate your piles or hemorrhoids. 

Do this to ease things 
Your bowel movements don’t only depend on your diet but also the position in which you sit in while pooping. The ideal position is squatting or while using an Indian toilet as the muscles are at an easy angle and relaxed enough for the anal canal and rectum to become a straight line. This makes it easy for you to pass stools. Here’s how to know if you suffer from chronic constipation. 

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