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How Many Calories Should You Be Eating Each Day?

Calculating your daily calorie requirement is just diet 101! Before you start any diet, you first need to know your daily calorie requirement. Once you know how many calories you require in a day, you will have to reduce your calorie intake to lose weight or increase your calorie intake to gain weight. Don’t worry, you don’t have to figure out those annoying math calculations, we’ve done them for you!

Daily Calorie Requirements In Men & Women

The main factors that influence calorie requirement are sex, age, and activity levels. There are 3 activity levels — sedentary, moderately active, and active. If you do not exercise at all, you would fall under the ‘sedentary’ category, but if you go for a 20-30 minute daily walk or go for a light workout every day, you would be considered ‘moderately active’. People who go for a brisk walk or jog or have a 1 hour daily workout come under the ‘active’ category.

Calorie Requirements In Men

“On average, men require 2,200 calories per day if they have a sedentary lifestyle”

Age (years) Sedentary Moderately Active Active
19-30 2,400 2,600-2,800 3,000
31-50 2,200 2,400-2,600 2,800-3,000
51+ 2,000 2,200-2,400 2,400-2,800

Men require more calories than women — this is because men tend to have more muscle mass, while women are more likely to have fat stores. Scientists have determined that 5 kilos of muscle mass would burn around 55 calories a day when at rest, while 5 kilos of fat burns just 22 calories a day, which is why men require approximately 20% more calories than women. Here are the calorie requirements for men based on age and activity levels.

Calorie Requirements In Women

“On average, women require 1,800 calories per day if they have a sedentary lifestyle”

Age (years) Sedentary Moderately Active Active
19-30 2,000 2,000-2,200 2,400
31-50 1,800 2,000 2,200
51+ 1,600 1,800 2,000-2,200

Men have higher testosterone levels, which reduces fat storage, while women have higher levels of estrogen, which promotes fat storage. This is why the healthy range of body fat is 20-25% for women, but only 10-15% for men. As mentioned earlier, fat burns fewer calories than muscle so on average, which is why women require 400 calories less than men. Here are the calorie requirements for women based on age and activity levels.

How To Calculate Your Daily Calorie Intake

“Height & weight affect daily calorie requirements, as people who are tall or overweight have higher calorie requirements”

In addition to your sex, age, and activity levels, other factors such as your height and current weight will also affect your daily calorie requirements. Taller people generally require slightly more calories than shorter people. The average Indian man is 5 ft 5 inches, while the average Indian woman is 5 ft, so if you are taller or shorter, you will have to adjust your intake accordingly.Similarly, if you are overweight, your daily calorie requirements would be higher as you need more energy for your daily tasks. You can use a personalized calculator to calculate your daily calorie requirements as well as learn more about diet plans to help you reach your weight goals.

Our Advice

Your daily calorie intake is important, but so is your nutritional intake. Nutritional deficiencies are a very common problem, especially in India. Recent studies show that 80% of Indians suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency, 50% of our population suffers from anemia (which is more common in women than in men), and several other nutritional deficiencies. Just because your diet plan meets your calorie requirements, don’t automatically assume that it is a healthy one. Plan your meals carefully and include plenty of superfoods in your diet, so that you meet your nutritional requirements too.

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