How I Got Rid of My Thick, Stubborn Facial Hair - Once and For All

Dominique Holder of Brooklyn, NY, tells POPSUGAR about her electrolysis experience.

Before electrolysis, I was self-conscience, antisocial, depressed, and hated my facial hair that I was plagued with. I feared that my facial hair was obvious and everyone could see it, despite my efforts to conceal it. I would get my chin and neck waxed or threaded weekly and pluck any hairs that showed up in between. After my threading and waxing appointments, I would go straight home because those areas would be red and irritated, and I didn't want anyone to see.

Flash forward 18 months: the only hair removal method deemed "permanent" by the FDA has changed my appearance, my demeanor, and even my career.

My Struggle With Facial Hair

Very few people knew about my daily struggle with facial hair. It was my biggest, darkest secret. There were mornings that I would look in the mirror at my face and start crying because I was so unhappy with my skin's appearance. On top of the facial hair, I had caused other problems: ingrown hairs and acne that stemmed from hairs not being removed properly. Additionally, I had severe hyperpigmentation on my neck and chin from picking at the skin to remove the painful ingrown hairs.

"Examining my face for hair became part of my daily routine. I carried a set of tweezers in all of my purses, just in case."

Some days I felt so awful that I would call out of work and stay home in bed all day. Other days, I would relentlessly dig into my flesh to remove the ingrown hairs that were bothering me. In turn, this left the areas red, bleeding, agitated, and extremely tender. I would cancel whatever plans I had until my skin cleared up. My social life was nearly nonexistent. I wouldn't go out spontaneously when friends or coworkers would ask.

The hair on my face controlled my life and kept me from enjoying it. I didn't like to have conversations in close proximity to other people because I feared they would notice my hair growth and pass judgment. Examining my face for hair became part of my daily routine. I carried a set of tweezers in all of my purses, just in case.

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